User Camp

We're an independent studio that develops and publishes successful apps.

We believe that success springs from creating good software, listening to our customers, and focusing on the product.

Our mission: Killer apps for pen computing.

We think there is tremendous potential for apps that use styluses to give customers a natural way to interact with their devices.

Our latest app is Penbook (made with SwiftUI and PencilKit).

How we work

Our goal is to provide a productive, balanced, and fulfilling workplace. These tenets summarize our beliefs about how a software company should be run.

How User Camp is managed
  • Our success comes from creating, and communicating the value of, good software.
  • We are remote-only. This pays dividends to work-life balance, the quality of work we do, and the quality of the talent we attract.
  • We measure output, not input. Come to work for the work. Log out at the end of the day. There are no prizes for heroics, and no "crunches".

Getting work done

  • Trust the customers' opinion of our work.
  • Assume good faith with coworkers by starting from the position that they respect you, trust you, and value your input.
  • Empower your coworkers by taking information out of your head and putting it somewhere everyone can see it.
  • Take responsibility for your engagement, because no one else knows when you're ‘at work’. Set your phone to DND, snooze Slack, use Boomerang, etc., to avoid being pulled in on your off-hours.
  • Constantly improve your working conditions. Seek a closed door, the right amount of social contact, and the right way to maximize your happiness and productivity.

Our team

Ben Fox


Slaven Radic


Past contributors

Thomas Ricouard


Will Bishop


Vatsal Manot


Mustafa Yusuf


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